Montessori Child Development Stages
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Within the first month of its existence, this site on the first stages of development has spread like wildfire all over the world, including the countries of Russia, Indonesia, Turkey, Finland, France, Italy, Australia, Albania, Chile, South Africa, China, India, Pakistan, Ireland, Switzerland, and Canada. It is being linked to Montessori school websites, used in Montessori teacher training, and shared by teachers, doulas, university professors, grandparents, artists, physicians and others. Because the video clips show the child really demonstrating the stages of development the information is easily understood no matter what the language spoken. Please feel free to link this site to any educational website, and to share it in any way.

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We are not able to respond to feedback and comments but we highly value them and want to know how this information has been helpful in your school or your country. Write to:

Susan these are breathtakingly beautiful and a blessing to be widely seen!  
Your videography and your writing—I've just read your most recent catalog—
are flourishing.  It's very exciting.

—Karin Salzmann, founding director of AMI/USA
(The Association Montessori Internationale of the United States of America)

I just can't find the words to say how inspiring this latest Birth to Three message is that you have posted. These videos should be required viewing for Montessori training courses. Many children will have a better "growing up" time thanks to you. Bless you, thank you, you make my heart sing!!!  It has been and is such an honor to be one of your many, many friends.
—Charlene Trochta, member of the AMI Advisory Council, and founding director of Casa Montessori Child Development Center in Austin, Texas, USA

Dear Susan, All of our staff watched the clips and were truly touched by them: I can hardly find words to describe the wonders of seeing a small baby having such a productive communication with his mother. It makes my heart melt and sing! Studying your website and catalogues as well as purchasing some of the products helped me shape my understanding of the 0-3 approach and curriculum when starting the school! We did a translation in Russian and distribute the information in both languages. I also quote you a lot when talking to parents and teachers.
—Valentina Zaytseva, Head of Moscow Montessori Preschool, RUSSIA

Susan, I love the videos!!!!  I'm so happy you are on the planet at this point in time. You keep us working, keep us moving forward, keep us grounded!  Thank, you, Thank you. I have already used two of the video clips with my students in the Birth to Six training course in Japan. They are wonderful for use in non-English speaking areas as no language is needed to convey the message. Everyone can make a difference in young children's lives IF they have the knowledge of the simple things needed. Thank you so much for continuing in your ever-changing efforts to spread our message of helping children grow and realize their human potential.
—Judi Orion, AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) Director of Training, 0-3. 0-6 Japan; Director of Training 0-3, Denver, Colorado

I used these video clips in my talk with our 0 to 3 parents Thursday night, and they loved them. Lots of "ooh's" and "aah's."  I think this group of parents in particular could really relate to the developmental "miracles" they were seeing, because they are going through these stages right now with their own children. The 2.5 month old "working on reaching for the scarf" illustrates the beginnings of this urge to reach and grasp, and it is perfect because it shows how the child is using every fiber of his being (not just the arm and hand), in this very intense work. His whole body is vibrating, and the emotion he is expressing is joy!

One of the moms had her 3-month old with her at the meeting, and at the end of my talk, just as I concluded, she let out a lovely happy gurgle, just like the video. The perfect exclamation point to the evening!
—Mary Caroline Parker, AMI board member, JD, school administrator, author of The Joyous Observer: Montessori, Parent Education and Human Development

This site really is fantastic, I am going to mail it to everyone. Thank you!
—Heidi Philippart, 0-3 Montessori teacher and school administrator, Amsterdam, HOLLAND

Dear Susan, The videos are so fantastic. Thank you so much for sharing them with us. I will use them both for parents conferences and in the birth preparation class. Thank you for being there to make such big differences in children's lives.
—Nertila Hoxha, Infant Community teacher at the International Montessori School, ALBANIA

Your videos show, in a way that words cannot, the importance of living in the moment, cherishing precious time spent with your children, and viewing your children with wonder. It is a profound lesson for all parents. It is a lesson we must not only learn, but relearn, again and again. These children are all concentrating and loving every second of it (and "immensely happy" doesn't necessarily mean a lot of smiling faces). To talk about concentration is one thing, but to see intense concentration is quite another. Concentration is about squeezing every drop out of "now."
—Trevor Eissler, Montessori parent, pilot, author of Montessori Madness