Dendys family morning prayers Paro Montessori Class

The family in front of the school, which is next to their home. It is, at the moment an excellent traditional school planning to become a Montessori school.

Every school day begins with a pledge of allegiance and morning prayers. There children attend the Montessori school-in-transition in Paro, Bhutan.

The in-progress Montessori class. Note the few materials in the far right corner, This is a picture from the very beginning of the project, in 2006.
susan with children lunch office
Susan and the children of the school in the national costume of Bhutan. Girls wear a kira and the boys a gho. In the fall of 2006.

School lunch, as well as meals in the home, are taken on the floor.

Susan in the Paro school office helping with parent forms.
thimphu school child weaving sensorial
The front of the Montessori school in Thimphu. Notice the variety of plants for the children to explore. Weaving is carried out in the Thimphu school by both adults and children. This is the class for 3-year-olds in the Thimphu school. Mixed ages are not yet a part of Montessori schools in Bhutan, but some of the didactic materials are used.

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4 teachers

To the left, Four Montessori teachers:

The first teacher is the owner of the Thimphu school. She received her AMI primary diploma in India. Next is Susan. Next it another Montessori teacher, trained AMI in India, who is right now the director of a traditional school in Thimphu. On the right is Dendy, who is the head of the school in Paro. (pictures at the top of this page)