These pictures, take in the family homes of the Montessori teacher in Paro, typify family life in Bhutan.

butter lamp primary class dzong class
Even as in our culture, the young learn from everything they observe adults do. This young boy, carried on the back of his grandfather, learns about pollishing a butter lamp used in daily worship. Dendy and I visited this country school on our way to Thimphu. The directore was using the "Monetssori" idea of no corporal punishent for the development of obedience. Just as in our own country not so long ago, this is a new idea. This is an ancient traditional class. For hundreds of years the only formal education was given in the dzong or monastery. Each family hoped to have a child who would become a monk or nun, thus gaining an education and the wisdom to pray for the members of the family when they died, hoping for a good rebirth.

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rules monks cooking


SCHOOL RULES: This poster hangs in the office of the Paro school. I thought we could all benefit from its wisdom. Here are two young monks preparing food for the comunal meal.