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In 2004 the Montessori teacher trainer, Shannon Helfrich was approached by an Australian/Thai couple who wanted to bring Montessori to the children of Thailand. Finally, in April, 2006 the first AMI (Association Montessori Internationale) 3-6 training, for Thai teachers, began. In 2010 the second course was completed. Click the above "update" link to find out what is happening now.

Contact information AMI Thailand
AMI Thailand information in the Thai Language

(right) The daughter of a student in the Thailand course, giving a lesson on adjectives to a guest from the USA

Thai alphabet
Montessori "farm" game in thailand
Some of the 80 homemade "sandpaper" Thai letters.
Language games in Western Countries are given with "the farm" but the adaptation for children in Thailand is "the Thai house", including foods, utensils, animals, and vehicles of traditional life in Thailand.

Emerald Buddha Temple in Bangkok.
One of many gardens in tropical Thailand, this one on the grounds of the college where the training courses are given.

Michael Olaf and the Thailand Montessori Project: In the fall of 2005, in preparation for the first AMI 3-6 course to be held in Thailand, Susan Stephenson gave a series of lectures on a variety of Montessori subjects to teachers, principles, and government officials interested in Montessori training in Thailand. She was happy to on the teaching staff of the first course.

The picture above is from an oil painting done by Susan from photographs of a visit to the Asoka Buddhist community. The Montessori course staff was hosted by one of the students who lives at the commune.

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