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I live in heaven. My home is a sphere that travels around the sun.
It is called
Earth. —Maria Montessori

We abandon all and travel the world, as did those in former times who would sow seeds and go their way. This is our destiny: to sow! To sow everywhere, without ceasing never to harvest. —Maria Montessori

Map of the World

For almost 30 years the Michael Olaf Company has operated first and foremost as a humanitarian, educational endeavor, our efforts completely supported by you.

Shukran (Arabic for "Thank you")

Tov, toda (Hebrew)

Kadinchey la (Dzongkha, the language of Bhutan)

Gracias (Spanish, from Guatemala)

(Shqiperi, from Albania)

Khawp khun kha

(Nepal and India)


Xie xie

Spacibo (Russia)

Notes from the Field

Susan Stephenson shared some of her Montessori-related experiences over the years at the AMI Centenary Celebration in San Francisco in February, 2007. These PDF files contain an abbreviated version of that PowerPoint presentation.

"Notes" Part 1 1964-2003, India (Mumbai); London; Lima, Peru; California; Japan; India (Dharamsala, Tibetan children's village); Nepal, Tibet; Australia; Nepal; Thailand (PDF)
"Notes" Part 2 2006, Nepal; Thailand; Bhutan

Montessori Around the World

Also at the celebration in San Francisco the following information about Montessori around the world was shared with the EsF group: A presentation of the website "Montessori Around the World," This is a collection of International Montessori projects by Jules Layman, a member of EsF: Montessori Around the World

Educateurs sans Frontieres (EsF)

For information about Educateurs sans Frontieres, or educators without borders, please go to the AMI - Association Montessori Internationale website and click on EsF link.

Montessori discoveries about the development of the human being can be used in many ways:

0-3 development
More: www.michaelolaf.net

Support this Work

Susan Stephenson received her first Montessori diploma in 1971, just when the Africa project Help the Children, outreach by MMI her training center in London began. After the formation of the Michael Olaf Company (see history) she and her husband were able to help raise money for cylinder blocks and balls, two items that could not be made by the teachers in Tanzania. Since then, Michael Olaf has funded all of Susan's volunteer work above. That means that every Michael Olaf customer has contributed. To continue to support this work shop here: Montessori Shop

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Links to Individual Projects

In April, 2011, Susan returned to the Israel / Palestine after many years to introduce Montessori education through Al-Quds University Television, and visits to existing schools. See pictures and some of the text from "emails home" here: MIDDLE EAST

SIKKIM EDUCATION CONFERENCE - In December, 2010 a very important education meeting was sponsored by the government of the kingdom of Sikkim, Northern India. It was attended by the Dalai Lama, educators, scientists. At the above link you can see the Michael Olaf newsletter report of this conference.

BHUTAN-2010 - In February, 2010 Susan Stephenson and her daughter Narda Sherman helped set up the first Montessori class and guide the first days. Here is an article comparing the early life traditions in Bhutan with Montessori 0-3 or Assistant to Infancy practices: BHUTAN 0-3

GUATEMALA - Jim and Susan Stephenson visit the hospital where their daughter Narda Sherman is a medical volunteer

ALBANIA - Susan returned to Albania in August-September 2009, to guide the first days in three new classes.

INDIA - Tibetan Children's Villages (TCV)

THAILAND - Thailand Montessori Project

TIBET - The Blind School

NEPAL - Sree Mangal Dvip Boarding School for Himalayan Children

RUSSIA - a visit to a very special Montessori program for children with physical disabilities in St. Petersburg, Russia