Trip through Northwest Albania to Kosovo

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Tirana I
Tirana II

In order to successrully intruduct Montessosri education in a new area of the world, it is important to learn as much as possible about the history and culture, the time and the place of the children who will attend the school. Kosovo is 90% Albanian and so I was thrilled to be invited to Gjokova, Kosovo at the end of my consultation work in Albania.

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Hadum Mosque Road to Kosovo Church on the road to Kosovo

The beautiful ceiling of the recently rebuild Hadum mosque in Gjakova, Kosovo

The drive through the beautiful cliffs and mountains of northwest Albania, from Tirana, to go to Kosovo.

An orthodox church in the mountains.

Lake in NW Albania Farms in Northwest Albania Old Communists era building
A manmade lake, opening up the previously remote areas of Albania. Albania and Kosovo are dotted with lovely old farms. All over Albania one sees the remains of the communist era.
Street in Kosovo Market in Kosovo dress shop
The Turkish influence if very obvious in this part of Kosovo. Small street markets abound, and so to the traditional Kosovar hats the men wear. But, so do shops with beautiful modern clothing.
Shops in old Gjakova dyep cradles My host family in Kosova
This is a street in the old part of Gjakova, most of which was destroyed by the Serbian invasion. You will read more about these deep cradles elsewhere on this site. Soon. I was a guest in the home of this Kosovar family in Gjokova.
bombed house first breakfast after Ramadan The rebuild Hadum Mosque
This is their neighbors home, still not rebuild after the Serb destruction. The head of the family, an engineer and professor, shared his first day-time meal after Ramadan (special bread soaked in fresh milk) and his vast knowledge of the history of Kosovar, with me. Then he obtained the key to the recently rebuilt Hadum mosque, one of the most beautiful in all of the Balkans, so I could see it.
The door to the mosque Inside the mosque A woman praying
The door to the mosque. The inside of the mosque. And a woman praying.

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